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Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021

Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021
Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021

Description Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021

This position is located in the Enterprise Risk Management Section of the Accountability Service in the Business Transformation and Accountability Division (BTAD) of the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC).
The purpose of this vacancy is to support the implementation of business disaster management throughout the Secretary-General of the world. The Manager reports to the Program Chief Executive Officer.

Job Details

Posting Title:Management and Programme Analysis Assistant, G6
Department/Office:Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance Business Transformation and Accountability Division
Duty Station:NEW YORK
Posting Period:04 December 2021 – 02 January 2022
Job Opening Number:21-Management and Analysis-DMSPC BTAD-169059-R-New York (O)
Staffing ExerciseN/A
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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Within limits of delegated authority and depending on location, the Programme Assistant may be responsible for the following duties
  • Provides assistance in supporting the planning and implementation of activities/processes related to the implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) and internal control framework,
  • It researches, compiles, and summarizes comprehensive Risk Registry registers and other relevant documents, ensuring proper delivery and distribution to stakeholders.
  • Provides administrative support to relevant meetings.
  • Assists with the planning and implementation of the Enterprise Risk Management Information Technology (IT) application as part of the Union GRC module (SAP), which includes monitoring the release status and conducting technical tests; monitors the nature of project/project proposals; take the necessary steps to ensure that project documents are completed and submitted to the appropriate parties for approval.
  • Collaborates with the ERM application project manager on key data updates, performance reporting, communications and support organizations for distribution and post-deployment activities.
  • It acts as a third-party access system administrator for the ERM application and acts as a communication and security assistant.
  • Provides assistance with reporting requirements, guidelines, rules and procedures related to the use of ERM at the business level and ensures the accuracy and accuracy of the data submitted.
  • It assists in the functions of the Section, which sets out the overall business risk management framework for the entire Secretariat to identify, monitor, manage and monitor risks and internal controls.
  • Assists with monitoring and evaluation of programs/projects; classifies, reviews, traces and analyzes data related to programs/projects, e.g. accounting records, results, resources used, deviations/updates, etc .; make periodic reviews, identify problems and initiate necessary follow-up steps; prepares revised budget estimates; reports on budget reviews, expenses and obligations, confirming funding; ensures the necessary approvals and access to a computerized budget system; initiates expenditure financing.
  • Collaborates with program/project management by reporting performance; discusses with relevant agencies the definition of PB activities/services planned and various planning tools such as a medium-term plan and internal applications; provides assistance with reporting requirements, guidelines, rules and procedures and ensures the completeness and accuracy of data submitted.
  • Writes summary of the program/project, directs the review and authorization process, and links the editor, translation services, etc. completion and publication of the report in multiple languages.
  • It serves as a focal point for coordinating, monitoring and accelerating program/project implementation activities, including those related to working groups formed under the ERM Task Force, which involves extensive liaison with various organizational units to initiate applications and adjust common operating procedures against the system. / project objectives, obtain the necessary approval, process and follow-up management practices and resolve issues related to project implementation, e.g. recruitment and appointment of staff, travel arrangements, planning and participation in training/study trips, payment approvals, disbursements, procurement of equipment and services, etc.
  • Edits, stores and updates files (electronic and paper) and internal information; designs and produces a variety of periodic and interim reports, statistical tables, graphic content, and other backgrounds/notes for easy testing and other reviews.
  • Writes letters and correspondence related to all aspects of project/project management, including work plan and budget, reviews and other related matters, and prepares unit contributions for various periodic reports.
  • Provides guidance and training for new/junior staff.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Professionalism
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Client Orientation

Eligibility Criteria


  • High school diploma or equivalent.


  • A minimum of seven years of experience in programme or project administration, technical cooperation or related area is required.
  • Experience with enterprise risk management implementation at the international level is desirable.
  • Experience with system implementations is desirable.


  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat
  • For the post advertised, fluency in oral and written English is required
  • Knowledge of another official United Nations language is an advantage

United Nations Considerations

Candidates will not be considered for appointment with the United Nations if they have violated international human rights law, violations of international human rights law, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, or sexual harassment, or if there is good reason to believe that they are involved in any of these acts. The term “sexual exploitation” refers to any actual or attempted physical abuse of a position of prominence, power of separation, or trust, for sexual purposes, which includes, but is not limited to, financial, social or political gain through sexual exploitation. The term “sexual harassment” refers to the actual or threatened entry into the sexual environment, either forcibly or under extreme or coercive circumstances. The term “sexual harassment” refers to any unacceptable sexual behaviour that is expected or thought to be offensive or degrading, in which such behaviour interferes with employment, conditional employment or creates a threatening, hateful or harassing activity. environment, even where the greatness of morality justifies the termination of a working relationship with the perpetrator. Students who have committed crimes other than minor traffic offences will not be considered for employment.



Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021
Management And Programme Analysis Assistant USA Jobs 2021